A most talented, enthusiatic and dedicated harpist.. young, but already a well rounded and matured musician, she has a solid technique, a solid sense of rhythm and a beautiful, naturally strong tone.

Irina Zingg Director Harp Masters International Harp Academy

Professor Scuola Civica Claudio Abbado Milano



Described as a "brilliant performer", and a "most engaging and creative musician", Chiara Pedrazzetti is a Swiss harpist and choir conductor. She graduated with distinction in Bachelor of Music, Master of Music Performance and she holds a Choir Conducting diploma. She's one of the most versatile harpists around, being able to switch comfortably between many genres of music. 

A winner of numerous awards, she's regularly invited to perform and give masterclasses all over the world, where she shares with generosity her knowledge and love for music. For the year 2016-17 she was professor of harp and chamber music at Vorarlberger Landeskonservatorium in Feldkirch (Austria).

Chiara is founder of the innovative ARPAtelier, she's harpist and composer of the duo LABIRINTO, and she's harpist, arranger and singer of the Irish traditional music band PENTAFOGLIO. 2016-2017 she conducted the polyphonic choir "QuattrocentoQuaranta" and since November 2017 she's conductor of the female choir Cantadonna. From January 2019 Chiara conducts the gospel choir Kolping Singers.  Chiara is Ambassador of the Swiss brand Schertler. From 2016 to 2018 she served as co-president in the Swiss Harp Association. Chiara has recorded several CDs and has appeared in radio and television in Switzerland and abroad.

Chiara Pedrazzetti is a strong, exuberant player with a big warm sound and fluent technique. Her performances are always full of character and commitment. She has a lively interest in all types of music and will no doubt expand the repertoire for harp.

Karen Vaughan

Associate Artistic Director, World Harp Congress
Co-Principal Harp, London Symphony Orchestra
Head of Harp, Royal Academy of Music, London

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ARPAtelier is the only venue dedicated to the harp! Situated in the pretty village of Grono/GR (Switzerland), it's a place of meeting and discovery. Chiara's goal is to show and present the harp through high quality concerts and masterclasses.

Solo, chamber music, concerts with students or with choirs, the ARPAtelier offers unforgettable experiences; the exhibitions and the intimate venue offer the possibility of talking directly to the performers.

Every year an international guest harpist is invited to give masterclasses and a concert. 

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ARPAtelier   comes to you!

If you like the sound of the harp and you want to experience a live concert...I'll make anything possible to make your idea real!

The harp has endless possibilities...

contact me for any requests, I'll be happy to help you find a solution!

There is no limit

  to imagination

in the  woods

in a stable

in a sitting room


A harp recording of your favourite piece

Rental instruments

ARPAtelier offers the possibility of renting a professional lever harp. There are different brands but all instruments are available for kids and adults, any level. The harp is given with an anti-dust cloth, transport cover and tuning key. ARPAtelier mostly rents harps in Ticino and Grigioni but also in other parts of Switzerland. Renting starts from chf 60.- per month.

Size, model...

which harp

is good for me? 

Specialized free advice:


0041 79 688 02 66

Italiano, English, Deutsch,

Français, Español


Choir Conducting

Beginner Choir course

Many people would love to sing in a choir but don't feel ready to join an already established group.

This course aims to give the basic musical and singing knowledge and the confidence and security to sing in a group of people. From the very beginning, the person will put into practice the theory explanations and will learn all the tricks for a fun choir adventure.

No experience required.


Lessons will take place the following Tuesdays:

October 6, 13, 20, 27

November 10, 17, 24

December 1, 15, 22

from 5.30 to 7 p.m.

Location: ARPAtelier, Via Ranzo di Sopra 6, 6537 Grono. (Free parkings available)

Price for the whole course (including material):

CHF 200.-

to pay to:

Chiara Pedrazzetti


Via Ranzo di Sopra 6

6537 Grono

CH29 8080 8001 6917 3351 4

Banca Raiffeisen del Cassarate

Write me an email to ensure your place: info.chiarapedrazzetti@gmail.com 

I'll see you soon!

Question about the choral course?

0041 79 688 02 66

Italiano, English, Deutsch, Français, Español

The human voice is the first expression of sound and music. With a choir... then it's bliss!
Chiara loves accompanying adults in discovering the potential of the voice, through exercises for technique, explanations of musical phrasings, constructive team work and she loves to help bring to perfection beautiful music of all eras.



For purchasing any product, please write an email to info.chiarapedrazzetti@gmail.com with the reference number and we'll send you what you need, phisical or digital! All prices are in Swiss Francs (CHF). Please note this are just pictures, you will receive the full score.

Payment methods

For Switzerland:

  • Twint (Chiara Pedrazzetti)

  • Bank details:
    Chiara Pedrazzetti 
    Via Ranzo di Sopra 6
    6537 Grono
    IBAN: CH29 8080 8001 6917 3351 4 
    Banca Raiffeisen del Cassarate Agenzia di 6965 Cadro, Ticino, Svizzera



  • Payment on Revolut:
    Chiara Pedrazzetti Lanigan
    IBAN: GB04 REVO 0099 7030 3149 29

Lever harp scores

Ref. number: B202

Price: free

Whether you're already a pro of the levers

or if you want to train, "In palestra!" ("At the gym!")

will make you improve with a smile on your face.

Check the recording here

Ref. number: J550

Price: free

A passionate oriental sounding cadenza, to perform as it is or to develop to your taste.

Check the recording here


Ref. number: D539

Price: free

This "scherzo" by Schubert, n.1 in B flat major, original for piano, is a delight to play on the harp as well. You need a strong technique and confident feet, you're going to love practicing it!

Check the recording here


COncerts & events

February 22nd-23rd
Online masterclass
Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, PORTUGAL
February 6th
Choral lab starts
Arpatelier Grono 1.30-3 pm
March 14th
Workshop with Kolping Singers
Pregassona 9-12/ 13-16
March 17th
Conference about the harp
Bedano tbc 2-4 pm free entry
April 1st-2nd-3rd
Masterclass in Cadenazzo
all day. Students all level and ages
April 4th
Harp concert
Sala Multiuso Arbedo 5.30 pm free entry
May 2nd
Choral Lab concert
Grono Palestra tbc 2.30 pm free entry
May 2nd
Pentafoglio concert
Grono, protestant church, 7.30 free entry
June 6th
Benefit concert choirs and harp
coro Cantadonna, coro Kolping Singers
location tb
July 4th
Cantadonna choir concert
in "Rassegna Camiglianese"
Camigliano/LU Tuscany 9 pm free entry
August 30th
Duo Labirinto
with Sean Lanigan on electric guitar, private performance
September 10th
Cantadonna choir concert
Elementary school of Gerra Piano
8 pm free entry
September 19th
Le Corti inCanto Festival
Harp and voice concert, Locarno free entry
October 3rd
Open air benefit concert
with the horn group "Nüm dal corno", the choirs Cantadonna and Kolping Singers (and a surprise!). For the Association Mani per l'Infanzia. Location tbc, 4 pm
October 6th
Choral basic course
ARPAtelier Grono, 5.30 -7.00 pm
February 16th
Cantadonna workshop day
Cugnasco, 9-16.30
February 17th
Relax with harp and sound of nature after yoga
via Cantonale, 6537 Grono, 15-16
February 23rd
Jury for CRMSI competition
Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano, 9-15
March 9th
Kolping singers workshop day
Carabbia, 9-16
March 16th
Kolping singers performance
private event
March 23rd
Cantadonna Festa di Primavera
Centro Manifestazioni Quirino Rossi di Gordola
March 31st
Spring concert harp and flute
with Marina Poma,  Ponto Valentino
Val di Blenio
5 pm
April 9th
"Fantasy on Italian Opera", harp concert for Lyceum Club
14.00, Palacinema Locarno 
September 11th
"SummerFest Cugnasco"
Gerra Piano, concert with Cantadonna and Kolping Singers 8 pm
October 6th
Calanca Exhibit
Visual Art Exhibit, with Sean Lanigan
Santa Maria (Val Calanca)
October 12th
Private wedding
with Kolping Singers
October 19th
Workshop Day
with Kolping Singers
November 9th-10th
Cristina La Bruna in ARPAtelier
Autumn ARPAtelier Masterclass for harpists all ages and level
November 23rd
Workshop Day
with Cantadonna
November 30th
Cantadonna gala concert
Cugnasco church, 4 pm. Guest choir: Cantus Firmus from Mondovì
December 1st
Harp Intermezzo
Grono, evangelich church, 10 am
December 4th
Harp Recital- L'arpa viaggiante
Bellinzona, evangelich church, 9.45 am
December 7th
Kolping Singers in concert and harp intermezzo
Claro, S.Rocco church 3 pm
December 8th
Kolping Singers in concert and harp intermezzo
Rancate, S. Stefano church 5.30 pm
December 14th
Kolping Singers in concert and harp intermezzo
Lugano, S. Carlo church 5 pm
December 14th
Cantadonna concert
Minusio parochial church, 20 pm
December 15th
DUO LIRA in concert
harp and violin, Cugnasco church, 2 pm
December 15th
Kolping Singers in concert
Pura, 5 pm

Chiara has a very special, compelling and personal sound on the harp- there is something indefinable that always makes me want to really listen to her music! Coupled with her warm and outgoing performance style and her affinity for many different genres of music, she is a most engaging and creative musician.

Catherine White

Professor of Harp
Royal Academy of Music, London, 
Principal Harp Tutor
Birmingham Conservatoire

Chiara has a great technique on the instrument, with an evident talent and a friendly and positive approach to the public. I appreciated her creativity, her personal way of making music and her interpretative capacity.

Emanuela degli Esposti

Harp Professor Conservatorio Arrigo Boito, Parma 
Artistic director Concorso e Festival Internazionale "Suoni d'Arpa"

Chiara is an excellent harpist, with a creative and original approach to music-making, a spirit of adventure and a charming and sparky performance style. It has been a delight to watch her develop as an artist and I look forward to hearing what she does next!

Máire Ní Chathasaigh

Harpist, Musicologist